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Backing MIDI Tracks for Santana Songs

Free Backing Music and Karaoke Songs

Santana MIDI music songs for free download Carlos Santana backing tracks for musicians and Karaoke accompaniment.


Let the Children Play

Let the Children Play by Santana MIDI song backing track for musical accompaniment.

Download Let the Children Play Download Now

Downloads: 35

Love Of My Life

Love Of My Life MIDI song Carlos Santana music download free.

Download Love Of My Life Download Now

Downloads: 52

Maria Maria

Maria Maria by Carlos Santana MIDI backing track download.

Download Maria Maria Download Now

Downloads: 81


Merengation song by Santana MIDI music download.

Download Merengation Download Now

Downloads: 57

Oye Como Va

Oye Como Va by Santana MIDI music free download.

Download Oye Como Va Download Now

Downloads: 131

Oye Mi Canto

Oye mi canto by Santana music MIDI track.

Download Oye Mi Canto Download Now

Downloads: 40

Samba Pa Ti

Samba Pa Ti MIDI Carlos Santana backing track for musicians.

Download Samba Pa Ti Download Now

Downloads: 146

She's Not There

She's Not There MIDI song by Santana music backing track.

Download She's Not There Download Now

Downloads: 63


Smooth MIDI song by Carlos Santana and Rob Thompson backing track for accompaniment or Karaoke.

Download Smooth Download Now

Downloads: 86

Song of the Wind

Song of the Wind MIDI track music accompaniment for Santana music.

Download Song of the Wind Download Now

Downloads: 40
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